Losing weight

This week I have really go into with losing weight. I was 99 kg last Sunday and today 95 kg so 4 kg during 1 week I hope I lose more till this Sunday.

I only have start to walk more by using Runkeeper app on my iphone and Myfitnesspal to check how much I eat and training. I also training with hiphop abs every day.

I eat half of what I eat before there for this big change of losing weight :)

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About me

I like to practice sports but rarely watch sports, I like to play soccer, hockey, ice hockey, volleyball and badminton also likes snowboarding.

I like adventure to hike, camp, canoe ride, soft airgun, paint ball, safari, snowmobiling, hunting, climbing, safari, scuba diving and lots of other fun adventures

I'm not just speed and full us but I also like to chill out and read books or newspapers as fantasy, science, mythology and history and also about architecture, I also read RPG books I like to find an adventure to the Games 'Mutant' and "Dragons and Demons" I also like to play role playing games but also play ape and clown so I get people to laugh and have fun :)

I love to hang out with friends I'm very socially sick of me so I like to go downtown to hang out, have a coffee, go to festivals and crusing, playing games with friends, family game both indoors and outdoors, and converse, and go for walks and go to the movies, going to arcades, party and disco ect ect.

I will be happy 1 hour walking time with the company, but mainly for training purposes, I like to exercise and get fit, like workout and fitness :) Work out at the gym and swimming, and cross-fit at home with shaun t's CDs (hiphop abs and insanity). I also train thai boxing.

I love to travel and see the world, meet new people, learning languages ​​and fair means sentences hehe and try different dishes and also their culture, religion, history and architecture.

I like being on the computer and fix the computer sometimes, updating the man likes high technology hehe and playing computer games and video games usually MMORG and shoting games and strategy .. game played now is Tera, Knight Online, League of Legends.

Mythology and History is something that fashinerar me and interests me particularly Norse mythology and Egyptian :)

Other things I like is to hang out with friends, draw, dance, paint, play instruments, cars, romance, culture, science, sex and cooking and comics: P

In music I like pop, rock and mixed, and the movies I like horror, action, romantic, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, and I love fantasy

Then when it comes to comics, it is sci-fi and fantasy and crime and comedy

I do not like to eat crabs, shrimp and fish with bones since I dislike injustice

Food and desserts I like is Mexican, Greek, Asian and Swedish food of all kinds :) then I like strawberries with milk, scoops, marzipan of various kinds as well as pies and cake then even milk chocolate and Schweizernöt: P

Zodiac Gemini

Outward facing Gemini often have many balls in the air. A social and versatile personality with the ability to make connections. Gemini tend to have a wide and diverse circle of friends and is known for his humorous and talkative disposition. A charming nature with a twinkle in his eye. Gemini is verbal, flirty and thriving in discussions. Flexibility is characteristic, as is the ability to come to grips with all kinds of people.

The planet Mercury is the ruler of the sign. It is usually indicative of linguistic ability, versatility and resourcefulness. Gemini has a great thirst for knowledge about life and happy to share their thoughts and experiences. An active day filled with diverse activities include the character to. Gemini is often on the go and have a tendency to get a little late for appointments. Good planning is perhaps not Gemini melody. But with its charming, courteous disposition and ability to talk themselves out of any situation becomes this time optimist often excused and popular in social settings.

Gemini prefer variety, and enjoy not having sedentary routine work. A tad restless character belongs to. Gemini usually preserve their youthfulness and curiosity about life well into old age, and is good at to lighten the mood. Those born in the air sign Gemini is adaptable and appreciate the change in its environment.

Gemini can be a bit difficult to decide and shoot up solutions to problems until the last minute. But this flexible and creative nature is often finding someone smart solution and can therefore handle most situations!

What kind of girls I like

I like when the girl is social .. A girl who could lverraska with tickets to any hockey game or theater then buy gifts sometimes, it's a bit nice that a girl can see what's coming to her guy. I like girls who are not afraid to help themselves and who are sociable and might as well be right on kissing me first before I even kissed her. She will va sexy in a specielt way. Gladly common interests with me, she'll like sports and play sports and enjoy the adventure and be able to do things and think about. Enjoying nature and animals.

She should have an inner glow that can be seen through her ​​eyes and smile. Like that shopa. Bright, cheerful, humorous, handy, caring, quiet, romantic, spontaneous, adventurous, flirty, feminine, loving, exprimentiel, honest and generous. I like it when girls are intelligent and smart, who would defend me and not skämas to me how I am. Able to come get along and so there especially cute. A girl who would wipe away the food from my face if it would stick something, someone bumps me. That pushes me to success and inspire me. The world's finest smile, she must have. I think it's fine if she have a job and earn money. A girl who likes to sing makes me really weak.

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